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Core to all of Tornado Insider's activities is the most extensive database available focused on European private technology companies, their funding deals and key decision makers. The combination of this database with our unrivaled knowledge of the European high-tech market through editorial coverage and research projects makes Tornado Insider the partner of choice to answer your questions about high-tech Europe. Through our products and services we offer valuable insight into the technology trends in Europe, its investment climate, as well as qualified sales leads, competitive intelligence, and support for due diligence activities.

Investors, bankers, lawyers, accountants, recruiters and technology companies currently use our research.

If your business relies on private company data, you should subscribe!

Years of detailed investment and company data

Daily updates on deals, news and the hottest startups

Unlimited online access (anytime & anywhere)

Perform your own analyses through the online data analysis module

Use the Excel function to create easy-to-use overviews & graphics

Detailed contact information is available for each investment and company

By linking Deals to Radar profiles, we present you with valuable business information on each investment

The only true pan-European technology media company

Tornado Insider Research gives me a candid and concise overview of the European high-tech investments

Christian Wiesinger, CFO, Siemens Technology Accelerator GmbH, Germany

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