Thursday, August 9, 2007

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German startups appeal to Europe’s venture capitalists

As venture capital activity slows down during the summer months, we take a closer look at how the 2007 deals have been distributed over the continent.

As usual the UK have secured most deals. 30.6% of all technology investments targeted UK companies - on par with the average for all deals since 2000. Germany is experiencing a relatively good year thus far raising 16.7% of all deals (13.6% since 2000) – placing it second in Europe. The country swapped ranks with France, which trails at 11% in 2007 – down considerably on its 7-year average of 14.1%. Israel remains fourth with 8.7% (8.1% since 2000), followed by The Netherlands (6.3% in 2007; 5.4% since 2000), Denmark (4.4% in 2007; 4.1% since 2000), and Sweden (4.1% in 2007; 6.4% since 2000). Ireland is showing poor performance this year as it ranked fourteenth with 1.4% of all deals in Europe – down 6 places and 2.5% on its 7-year average.

The ranking of cities over 2007 shows a huge lead for London. Technology companies in the English capital raised 8.2% of all European deals this year, just below London’s 7-year average of 8.8%. Second comes Paris with 4.4% of all deals, 1% lower than its average since 2000. Berlin is showing a lot of activity ranking third with 3.5% of all deals in 2007 – up 5 ranks and 1.8% on its 7-year average. The fourth place is for another German city, Munich, with 3.1% (ranked sixth with 2.7% for all deals since 2000). Losing out in 2007 are Cambridge (2.1% in 2007; 3.1% since 2000), Dublin (1.4% in 2007; 3.1% since 2000) and Stockholm (0.9% in 2007; 2.9% since 2000).

The distribution of venture capital deals per sector over the European cities often gives a strong indication of the technology strengths in the different regions. For instance, Cambridge leads the city ranks for Biotechnology & Healthcare funding since 2000 – 5.8% of all deals in Europe. Second is Munich with 4.3%, although the bulk of these deals were raised just outside the city in biotech hotspot Martinsried. Munich is followed by Paris (2.7%) and Copenhagen (2.5%). London tops the ranks for Software having secured 9.1% of the venture deals. Paris is ranked second with 6.4%, followed by Dublin (4.8%) and Amsterdam (2.7%). For Internet investments London is clearly the place to be as it has raised a whopping 20.8% of all European deals in the sector. Paris is popular destination for Internet funding as well with 10.7%. London is in the lead for Communications as well (9.1%), not surprisingly followed by Stockholm (6.5%). Computers & Electronics companies in Cambridge were most in favor among VCs with 4.3%. Noteworthy is that 4 Israeli cities are present in the top 10 for this sector, of which Herzliya follows Cambridge in second place (2.6%).

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