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PharmaDiagnostics is granted US patent for innovative nanoparticle-conductive polymer technology
Advance will enable PharmaDiagnostics to maximize commercial potential of label-free screening tech

Brussels, December 11, 2009 - PharmaDiagnostics NV, a company developing and marketing a broadly-enabling, label-free screening technology that uniquely does not require specialized equipment, announces today that it has been granted a US patent covering its nanoparticle/conductive polymer composites. The patent is entitled 'Stable metal/conductive polymer composite colloids and methods for making and using the same'.

The company has discovered that, by coating its nanoparticles with a conductive polymer, the inherent sensitivity is greatly increased. This coating enhances the interaction of photons with the electrons on the particles' surface, thus increasing the signal generated when a molecule interacts with the composite. The composites are also very sensitive to the redox state of the interacting molecules, a physical property of a molecule that is important but often overlooked in the discovery process. The Company uses the technology in its redox potential assay which allows high throughput measurement of redox potential on standard laboratory equipment.

Label-free screening is currently an area of great interest in the market. PharmaDiagnostics' approach stands out as all other available label-free technologies require expensive dedicated equipment which restricts both breadth of application and compound throughput. PharmaDiagnostics' localized surface plasmon resonance technology (LSPR) is broadly enabling, with easy to use protocols, and is applicable to a range of assays for both small molecule and antibody screening and characterization. For the first time, label-free screening can be applied in high throughput applications.

'The grant of this US patent is clear recognition of the innovative nature and industrial applicability of PharmaDiagnostics' technology platform,' said Dr David Ricketts, CEO at PharmaDiagnostics. 'It is a key step forward for us and will enable us to maximize the commercial potential of our screening technology.'

About PharmaDiagnostics NV
PharmaDiagnostics NV develops label-free screening technology with the unique capability in its market of operating without the need for specialized hardware. The technology is broadly enabling and applicable to a range of applications including: receptor-ligand binding; enzymatic reactions; antibody screening and ADME. The assays are very sensitive and have the potential for very high throughput. The company is focused upon licensing its technology for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and also offers bespoke assay development services. In addition the company is seeking collaborations to develop applications in compound screening, particularly fragment screening and antibody screening. PharmaDiagnostics' novel technology platform is based on localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) and noble metal nanoparticles, and is run on standard laboratory equipment.

The company, based in the Z1 Research Park in Zellik, near Brussels, was founded in 2007. It has raised more than EUR 4.0 million (USD 5.6 million) in two rounds of venture funding and EUR 100,000 in grants from IWT (Instituut voor de aanmoediging van innovatie door Wetenschap & Technologie in Vlaanderen), a Flemish innovation agency.

For further information, please contact:

Andrew Lloyd & Associates
Andrew Lloyd / Neil Hunter
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Andrew Lloyd & Associates
+44 1273 675100

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