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MultiSell introduces natural interactive media
With ambition to take on MENA, Iran & India

Dubai, 21st December 2009, MultiSell Technology Middle East FZCO was incorporated in Dubai Airport Free Zone 2004 as an emerging media technology specialist with ambition to take on the MEA & Sub-Continental markets. Today, almost 6 years later, the company is perceived to be the regional leader within its specialist field and has a presence in 18 regional markets from Kenya via Middle East to Iran and India.

“Our vision, in a world where digital devices are becoming needlessly complicated, we choose to design our interactive spaces and objects with a simple, immediate, emotional touch. Inspiration is drawn from a new language between humans and computers, a natural interaction where technology disappears. We're not interested in simply selling hardware and software technology, but in using them as media to create emotional and memorable experiences .” according to David Holm-Glad, Managing Director in MultiSell Technology

“We don't sell technology, we develop turn-key projects designed to create a measurable Return On Investments; our challenge is to show our clients that innovative high-tech tools are not only special effects, but in fact real business opportunities, a smart economy if you wish.”

People naturally communicate through gestures, expressions, movements. Research work in Natural Interaction is to invent and create systems that understand these actions and engage people in a dialogue, while allowing them to interact naturally with each other and the environment.

“People don't need to wear any device or learn any instruction, interaction is intuitive. Natural Interfaces follow new paradigms based on human perception. Interaction with such systems is easy and seductive for everyone”, Said Mohamed El Omari, Managing Partner, MultiSell Technology

“A few examples of such systems utilize gesture recognition, a virtual non-touch video control technology enabling multiple users to interact not only with the advertised brand but also with each other. MultiFX interactive surfaces as well as MultiTouch walls and tables are great examples of such technologies.” He added

MultiSell is a media laboratory where innovation plays a crucial role were we provide services through interactive digital media, promoting creativity and inventing new forms of communication. Innovation doesn't simply mean testing new techniques in a laboratory, but also providing profitable ideas suitable for our clients.

MultiSell integrates its concepts into advertising and brand places.

“In advertising we are working on creating new formats for the physical space based on the direct interaction between the user and the brand. Consumers are normally passive subjects when it comes to advertising. Our concepts, instead makes each individual the protagonist of an experience where they can decide interactively which direction the advertising message should take.” said David Holm-Glad

The relationship with the ad according to MultiSell is changing as the user experience becomes emotional which again significantly increases the recall rate of the campaign message. The company delivers turn-key networks of managed installations tailor made according to the brands and space owner’s requirements. These interactive units could either be permanently installed in public space high-footfall locations around the region or on temporary contracts. Examples of such technologies could be MultiFX interactive floors, walls and other special FX surfaces. Another example is MultiPoint virtual touch screens such as the Minority Report style consoles used in movies when the consumer only uses body gestures to control and interact with the advertised content. Clients such as P&G, Nokia, Rani and Unilever have been using the systems in the Middle East.

“Whether the relevant number is 70% or 85%, a majority of the purchasing decisions happens at the point of sale, where customers are in direct contact with the product. At this brand place, we believe the retail space is optimal for not only sales increasing efforts but also for communicating information about the product. We have a range of innovative POS products such as HoloFX holograms and MultiPoint interactive glass windows”. He added

Beyond retail, MultiSell re-designs interactive brand spaces such as bank offices, hotel rooms and the layout of restaurants and clubs in order to make these spaces places where guests with many different desires can really connect with the brand, whether they are looking for products, services, or are merely spending their free time for clients such as Du Telecom stores, Olympus, i2, KIA Motors and Harvey Nichols. The company provides businesses a measurable return on investment, be it CRM, sales support or traffic building.

Lately, the company has had increasing success in adding value by offering turnkey and bespoke special projects to its clients such as Dubai Silicon Oasis, 3M, Fiat, National Centre for Documentation and Research, and Spatial Data Infrastructure among others.

“Due to the increasing complexity of technology, we strive to make our concepts as simple to use as humanly possible. Our expertise lets us carry out special projects where technology plays a crucial role without becoming synonymous with needless and confusing complication.”

On special projects, MultiSell works in close collaboration with expert partners from all over the world, creating ad-hoc specialist teams.

“Whether we design a turnkey space such as an exhibition both with integrated technologies, user-interfaces and walk-through’s or a museum discovery path or an experience center – the fact the remains the same - people should communicate with virtual objects as if they were real and natural interaction is therefore our guiding star” Concluded David Holm-Glad

Notes and media contacts

About Multisell Technology:

MultiSell Technology ME FZCO has active partners from Europe and Middle East. Funded from Saudi Arabia, we are incorporated at Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. From our regional HQ we target the entire Mena region. We are focusing on high quality display solutions that can be interactive/non-interactive as well as hardware and software solutions for high-end media demands. MultiSell draws its experience from a vast array of multi-national research & development (R&D) blue-chip environments. Our engineers, programmers and support technicians are recruited from the top organizations worldwide. Our employees have been working with some of the major A/V hardware and software OEM's with experience from USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Scandinavia, India, Iran and the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia & UAE. MultiSell Technology ME FZCO is focuses on cutting-edge media technology.

For additional information please contact:

David Holm-Glad
MultiSell Technology ME FZCO
PO Box 54540
Dubai Airport Free Zone, UAE
Tel: +9714 2995790
Fax: +9714 2995791

Publisher Contact Information:

MultiSell Technology ME FZCO
+971 4 2995790

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