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The World is real – not just an App. That´s what Seedair`s App wants to prove to the world.

Unlike all the others, including Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co., Seedair´s
App is for real life. “Well”, you might say, “the other´s are also quite nice in reality”, but Seedair is for all those, who still have real friends or want to make friends with real people, with real experiences, real fun, not just another 'I like-community“!

It´s even like that: if you don’t have real friends, you better stay with those other Apps. In that case you won´t have fun with Seedair+3. But if you have at least two real friends, who you meet in your real life, then Seedair+3 is the App of choice. Of course there is no limit to the number of real friends you can have. But even with just two real friends you can bring more quality into your real life, thanks to Seedair. Whereas the Seedair+3 design is experimental it is already today a very solid program, a multitasking tool for real day to day activities, and experiences

Watch this: You can leave messages in the air, so called Airsigns. These are interactive Mini pinwalls. They are installed at any place in the world, leaving text-, photo-, sound-, film- news for your friends to enjoy and, if you like, any passing visitors. The point is, you leave the message at the location where you created it. That´s something completely different from leaving a message on the web.

Some examples:

You are having a great dinner in a restaurant. You take a photo, add a short description and any friend visiting this restaurant can read your personal suggestion on the airsign (he can comment, add his view). The same works for Clubs on cocktails available or for shops: Who gives the best service? What’s the must-have ?! All of this is visible on the local Airsign.

Let´s continue with experiences: What did you see or sample at the next street corner? You can leave your impressions, thoughts and emotions for others at an Airsign. That’s like with bridges hanging full of padlocks but: Here you can leave comments, videos, and photos on the Airsign. It's visible to you, you can add and upgrade.

A personalized local menu develops, many different Airsigns, accessible for defined groups or anyone passing bye.

Another example. Take your holiday trip. You take a certain route, no matter if you conquer Highway Number One on the West Coast or a roundtrip on the island of Hiddensee. All personal spots and last year´s impressions can be discovered by friends and other visitors on those many Airsigns in the future. Another example. Take your holiday trip to Rome: You may come across public Airsign where you find useful hints. You can subscribe to them, add a star to them or complement your personal impressions to the Airsigns, visible for all or just for your friends.

All of a sudden, the entire world becomes personal and enriched. No more just “any” hints, but rather personal introductions, references, ideas: Airsigns.

You can rely on and refer to Airsigns, because they are originated by/from people you know. You can also judge other users opinions and impressions because you can check the ratings. You become surrounded by Airsigns like a new dimension of the place you are visiting. You decide yourself which Airsigns are private or which ones you want to view

The World is becoming personalized – but Seedair may also be useful for small medium businesses.

For example, let´s take a nature conservation society with know how about global sightseeing points of preservations and discovery tracks. Now they can offer news and films on local Airsigns to their members. The organization can globally manage its Airsigns from a centralized location. Walkers on a trail can access explanations about birds, films and supporting hints, and be offered photos of different seasons of the year. Members of the society can be updated with the news and receive latest impressions and hints.

Visitors to a sports event or a rock concert will get access to special content to be discovered on an Airsign because they are in the area of the event. This content can get accessed as described, commented on, personalized by the fan clubs for their members. All this is possible.

Restaurants can publish the daily menu of course live in the area on an Airsign. This is where the old billboards become interactive, previews are accessible for passersby. Unique offerings become visible.

Spam for Seedair users? No, every user decides what content he wants to be exposed to. That makes Seedair personal. You see the world with your own eyes, with the eyes of your friends and if you like discover the world beyond. And that´s very real.

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