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HowDo You Peel a Banana?
HowDo launches creative social platform for sharing real-world skills and knowledge

Founders Emma Rose Metcalfe, Nils Westerlund, Edward Jewson and Ian Bach secure significant
seed round led by Wellington Partners

STOCKHOLM / BERLIN / LONDON, 31 October 2012: It is Halloween and you want to be inspired on
how to get creative with a pumpkin? HowDo is the place to go and find out. This innovative, social,
knowledge-based platform makes it simple to compound real world know-how into short sound & image
chapters, on how people do all kinds of things.
HowDo has been created to help make learning and sharing easy and fun, providing people, who have
never had the ability to capture their skills, with an avenue to share that knowledge through friends and
associated connections.
As social distribution of knowledge grows the desire to gain and capture more knowledge in a quick and
satisfying way overtakes patience for video, which requires a high attention time to compose and watch
in comparison to flicking through 8 second sound chapters over a series of pictures. Want to know how
to dry your wet socks super quick? Click here ( How long did it take you to
learn that?
With HowDo Discovery, users can find people and things of interest to them and these ‘HowDo-ers’
can start to curate their own collections of knowledge by ‘Loving’ each other’s skills and sharing
HowDos through their existing social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc). It is a community where
learning new things can be fun and quick, and possibly make you more interesting!
Founded by Emma Rose Metcalfe and Nils Westerlund, HowDo secured a significant seed round
during its private beta phase, led by Wellington Partners (, along
with Horizon Ventures (, which manages
the private venture investments of Mr Li Ka-shing ( in the
technology sector and angel investor, Peter Read (
“HowDo is so easy to use. When the concept and prototype was shown to me, I wanted to be part of
this project to make this a global platform,” expressed Daniel Waterhouse of Wellington Partners “There
isn’t really anything like this out there and I believe that HowDo, with its simplicity in design and easyto-
use functions, will become a reflex action when you want to share, discover or develop a new skill. I
am delighted to be supporting Emma and Nils, two founders, with an extraordinary vision for where
HowDo will become an essential new content format.”
Nils Westerlund and Emma Rose Metcalfe both shared the same passion to create a scalable platform
that made it easy and fun to capture the value of real-world experience, different to the usual social
standards seen online today. HowDo became integral to their vision in developing a strong story board
on how people around the world can share cultures, experiences and knowledge in a way that feels
meaningful. Image and sound create magic windows into everyday knowledge without the effort or time
of video.
‘HowDos are quick and simple to create - that’s their beauty; but the longevity of their social relevance
as objects is what’s really interesting,’ says Emma Rose Metcalfe, a Director and founder of HowDo.
‘People immediately get the concept of HowDo and the diversity of communities who are excited by the
potential of the platform have all agreed that it is a lot of fun. It makes us excited about sharing HowDo
with the world. If the platform can help to inspire peoples’ imaginations by collecting up gems-ofknowledge
to share with friends, family and maybe a fan base(!) we are happy to help them become
Here are some HowDos that have been created during the private beta. View online or download
HowDo on your iPhone (iOS only) to begin creating a community of followers and HowDos.
• HowDo Calm Down Before a Talk (
• HowDo littleBits Vibrating Eyeball (
• Sing the Banana Song (
In Short:
· HowDo fuses images with sound into a chronological story board
· HowDos can be viewed online for those who do not have the app
· HowDo brings people together through common ground
· HowDo allows friends to discover your new interest/talents/skills
· HowDo incorporates sound and image in one easy step, making it fast and simple to use
· HowDo is available on iOS only (mobile)
· HowDo Discovery allows you to find subjects of interest to you
· Keep track and share HowDos you thought were smart in your 'Loved' collection
· HowDo helps develop and deepen knowledge
· HowDo encourages creativity and helps you to master skills
About HowDo
HowDo was founded in May 2012 by Emma Rose Metcalfe and Nils Westerlund during a conversation
on sharing the ‘little things’ they knew after spending three weeks in India working on a project on the
future of authenticity, where the HowDo concept was conceived. Nils’ background with SoundCloud
and Emma’s research in the design and distribution of meaningful experiences at the Experience
Design Group, helped channel their knowledge which translated across to Edward Jewson, the
technical founder and CTO, who built an early prototype of the platform. From this, the team began
running workshops to help develop the current product.
Since its development, HowDo has become a ‘must-have’ for the beta testers who loved sharing and
developing their skills. Ian Bach, a designer who had been involved in the earliest workshops, came on
board as the forth founder from London, UK, bringing his design knowledge to the platform. In turn, the
feedback has been that this platform is one of the easiest, most beautiful and rewarding experience for
a social platform - and fun!
HowDo is registered in the UK and is a limited company. Currently sitting in Stockholm, Sweden the
team are in the process of moving to Berlin, Germany.
About Wellington Partners
Wellington Partners is one of the most successful pan-European venture capital firms. With some € 800
million under management and offices in London, Munich, Palo Alto and Zurich, the firm invests into
companies throughout Europe that have the potential to become global leaders, in the areas of Digital
Media, Software, Resource Efficiency and Life Sciences.
Since 1998, Wellington Partners has invested in more than 100 European companies, including now
publicly traded Actelion and XING and privately held companies like Adconion, Alando (acquired by
eBay), Ciao (acquired by Microsoft), Spotify, Hailo, Livebookings and Qype (acquired by Yelp) For
more information please visit

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