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Evogene to enter a research collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University
on improved taste and aroma of tomatoes

Rehovot, Israel - May 24th 2005 - Evogene Ltd and BonTom - Breeding & Research Group of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, announced today a research collaboration agreement to jointly develop tomato varieties with improved taste and high impact aroma.

Over the years as a result of the efforts to increase tomato yields, the original taste and aroma of tomatoes has been greatly reduced. Many efforts are invested in the attempt to regain taste and aroma to the tomato fruit without losing productivity, but with only modest success.

The new endeavor collaboration is based on Evogene's expertise in computational genomics and its proprietary tomato genomics database, and on BonTom's rich gene pool of tomato and the genetics and breeding capabilities of the Faculty of Agriculture tomato breeding team. This joint effort is directed at isolating genomic markers that can track key taste and aroma genes for use in breeding programs. The partners will use the new markers & knowledge developed during the collaboration as tools to improve tomato varieties.

Dr Hagai Karchi of Evogene, stated: 'The access to the extensive tomato germplasm and the multi-year breeding experience of The Faculty of Agriculture is the perfect complement to quickly create value via our advanced gene and marker discovery tools.'

About Evogene
Evogene is a biotechnology company focused on developing high-value commercial products based on plant genomics. The company is merging state-of-the-art predictive computational biology and molecular biology with the most advanced breeding technologies. Evogene's current product development portfolio is focused on: improving abiotic stress tolerance and yield in key crops such as corn, soya, cotton and canola: enhancing fiber development in cotton; improving nitrogen use efficiency and plant manufacturing of therapeutic proteins. Evogene was founded in 2002 by Drs. Hagai Karchi and Rafi Meissner as a plant biotechnology spin-off of Compugen Ltd (Nasdaq: CGEN). For additional information, please visit Evogene's Website at

About BonTom - Seed Breeding & Research Group
BonTom, based in the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, is a leading provider of tomato varieties and one of the largest breeders group of tomatoes in the world. The group is best known for its long shelf life varieties as well as for many Cherry tomato cultivars with excellent yield and flavor. BonTom, led by Prof. Nachum Kedar and Prof. Haim Rabinowitch, has an assortment of promising new products that enable seed companies to offer growers and customers better tomato varieties. With substantial investment in research and development and a staff of more than 30 research and development employees, BonTom has a powerfull capability to invent, develop and sustain innovative tomato varieties.

Contact Information:


Ofer Haviv

Tel: +972-8-931-1905

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00 972 8 931 1904

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