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Lectus Therapeutics Announces Relocation to Cambridge, UK

Cambridge, UK 26 September 2006, Lectus Therapeutics Ltd (“Lectus”), the drug discovery and development company focusing on next-generation ion channel modulators, announced today the relocation of its corporate headquarters and research facility to the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, UK. Lectus, originally based in Bristol, UK, will run all research operations as well as commercial and financial activities from the new location.

Lectus’ relocation to Cambridge forms an important part of its strategy in developing a robust infrastructure to reflect the growth of its research and development activities following its successful £8.2m Series A financing announced earlier this year. Lectus has been operating part of its research activities at Babraham since April 2006, following its acquisition of NeuroServe Limited, an electrophysiology company providing research facilities important in the development of Lectus’ ion channel modulators. Lectus has now taken steps to integrate its entire commercial and research activities, including the exploitation of its proprietary proteomics research engine, LEPTICS®, to the Cambridge biotechnology cluster.

Dr Roland Kozlowski, CEO of Lectus, commented: “Lectus’ move to the new facility at the Babraham Research Campus represents the next step in the implementation of our strategy for growth. With this move, we will benefit from improved research facilities and exceptional local infrastructure and will be in an excellent position to progress our next-generation ion channel drugs, for treatment of pain and urinary incontinence, towards the clinic.”

The address for Lectus’s new research and corporate facility is Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, CB22 3AT, United Kingdom. Full contact details can be found on

About Lectus Therapeutics and LEPTICS®
Lectus Therapeutics is an emerging UK-based drug-discovery and development company, incorporated in December 2002, specialising in the discovery and development of novel drugs for diseases associated with pain management, urinary incontinence and angina. Lectus’ vision is to become a world leader in developing next-generation ion channel therapeutics. Lectus exploits the power of its proprietary functional proteomics platform, LEPTICS® (Leveraged Enabling Proteomics Technology for Ion Channel Screening), and builds on its knowledge of ion channels, to develop novel ion channel modulators that have the potential to offer important clinical and economic advantages over existing therapies.

Ion channels are proteins that control the flow of ions, such as sodium, calcium and potassium, into and out of mammalian cells. They are integral to muscle movement, nerve impulse transmission and cardiovascular function. Historically, drugs targeting ion channels have been very successful and still generate well in excess of $6 billion in global sales per annum. In recent years however, efforts at identifying novel ion channel therapeutics have focussed on targeting the pore forming domains of ion channels and despite billions of dollars spent in R&D, this approach has not yielded further significant clinical success. This is believed to be mainly because of the side effects associated with the lack of specificity of this approach. Lectus’s next-generation ion channel therapeutics, selectively targeting ion channel accessory proteins, are anticipated to have a significantly enhanced safety profile with resultant therapeutic and economic benefits.

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Lectus Therapeutics Limited
+44 (0)1223 496182

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