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Hopling Technologies Delivers True Mobility
Attains WiFi Interoperability and Mobile WiMAX connectivity

Almere, April 13, 2007 - Hopling Technologies, a rapidly growing leader in IP-based wireless networking equipment for enterprises, operators and service providers, issues a Mobile WiMAX Statement of Direction. In tandem, Hopling unveils the ground-breaking Hopling Metro Topology that harnesses the power of wireless Mesh and Mobile WiMAX and ensures true WiFi interoperability and Mobile WiMAX connectivity.

Through the innovative Hopling Metro Topology, Hopling will integrate Mobile WiMAX picocells in its existing robust wireless Mesh network design, thus creating a seamless working wireless Mesh and Mobile WiMAX network where true mobility is not a gamble but a reality, and where WiFi interoperability and Mobile WiMAX connectivity is guaranteed. Since the existing wireless Mesh network is leveraged fully, true mobility is no longer an expensive proposition for mobile operators and enterprises.

With the introduction of Mobile WiMAX mesh protocols in Hopling Technologies’ flat, relay-oriented HopWARE Mesh Architecture (HMA), Hopling Technologies integrates Mobile WiMAX and wireless Mesh into its carrier-grade flagship product Xnet Viper, which essentially acts a single node, vastly simplifying deployment of a future-proof WiFi, wireless Mesh and Mobile WiMAX network for operators and services providers, municipalities, and customers. For instance, a truly mobile solution for a municipality network consists of an always-on roamed wireless network where WiFi nomadic and residential clients connect via the 2.4GHz band to the mobile WiMAX users (in busses, cars or using phones) using a licensed band. The seamless working wireless mesh network, including high-speed wireless Internet access, VoIP phone services and mobile phones, would be powered via the 5GHz band.

The innovative Hopling Metro Topology consists of multi-radio Xnet Viper-IV nodes each equipped with 4 radio-cards, of which, 1 radio-card would be used for a standard WiFi band or 4.9GHz public safety band, 2 radio-cards for creating multiple picocells for a Mobile WiMAX licensed band and 1 radio-card to create meshcells to interconnect the nodes. The advantage of the new Hopling Metro Topology using the HopWARE Mesh Architecture (HMA) is, that it guarantees Quality of Service for optimal voice and video, which allows municipalities to quickly and cost-effectively bring Internet connectivity and mobile applications, and mobile services rapidly and cost-efficiently in coverage areas. It will also allow operators and service providers quickly scale the wireless network depending on the demand.

As mobile WiMAX connections become available in client systems, Hopling Technologies is uniquely positioned to serve these additional demands, while retaining the ease of deployment, and continuing to provide outdoor mobility for the millions of WiFi clients. The WiMAX ready Xnet Viper nodes have received attention and interest of several service providers in a number of countries including the UK, Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine and Macedonia amongst others. These pilot customers are currently evaluating Hopling Technologies’ product suite.

“This announcement comes just nine months after our initial design of the Xnet Viper series,” said Rudger van Brenk, Director of Research of Hopling Technologies. “The addition of a mobile WiMAX radio card in the Xnet Viper series gives operators and service providers the opportunity to create a dense deployment of 30 or more cells per square kilometer for true mobility without adding more nodes.”

“Hopling Technologies has always been at the forefront of a challenging and exciting type of wireless access networking, and now by blending wireless Mesh and Mobile WiMAX in a combined meshcell and picocell solution we are really creating an environment in which millions of wireless subscribers can experience true mobility, access all kind of data including voice and see real video,” said Ivo van Ling, Chief Technology Officer of Hopl

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Hopling Technologies B.V.
+31 36 648 6867

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