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WunderWorks raises seed round funding
Dutch start-up to provide products for group collaboration and enhanced interaction

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 10 October 2007

WunderWorks BV, a software and solutions company, focusing on improved multi-user interaction and collaboration, announced today that it has raised substantial seed round funding from two Dutch investment funds; Flevoland Technofund and REOF Fund.

The company was founded in 2005 in the Netherlands by Mels Nieuwenhoven, who envisioned the growing need for online and off-line interactive electronic collaboration solutions. He was joined by co-investor Árpád Gerecsey in early 2006, to further the mission. Together with their R&D team they have now created the technology that will enable groups of people to work together in software applications and gaming, enhancing collaborative group interaction, in-person, and across the Internet.

WunderWorks has created an environment that will allow multiple users to connect multiple devices (ranging from keyboards and mice, to bluetooth devices, interactive whiteboards, IP connections, writing tablets, Wiimotes®, etc.). It then allows these users to interact and cooperate in software applications. All applications are based on the platform-independent MUSLTM architecture (Multi-user, single location) which WunderWorks developed in close cooperation with the research institutes TNO, University of Utrecht and several technical Universities.

A first beta shipping example is WunderPoint®, a Microsoft PowerPoint® plug-in that will allow the presenter to make their presentation interactive, and receive live feedback from the audience during the presentation. Recent user experiences with customers such as IBM/Netherlands, VNU Business Publications(Nielsen), Ministry of Traffic (Dynavision), Van Den Kolk Events, and Hogeschool INHOLLAND, have experienced the enhanced group productivity that is generated using the patent-applied-for interaction technologies from WunderWorks

'Our use of the WunderWorks application suite transformed our ability to enhance the interaction levels with our teams, thereby increasing our group productivity by orders of magnitude,' stated Theo Versnel from Dynavision.

Wunderworks Senior Management team is augmented by its strong industry advisory team, which includes Prof. Dr. Mark Overmars, University of Utrecht, Aldebert Wiersinga, Managing Director and Martijn Kruiswijk, associate, both at Bilthoven's Value Creation & Company, Internet veteran Daniel Harple, and his firm, Shamrock Ventures, BV.

Harple stated, 'WunderWorks is the natural next step in the evolution of social interaction with digital technology, it brings the digital world into the physical world, and at the same time the user into the digital world. Gamers in one room, physically competing with each other in a virtual experience. Management teams in one or more physical locations, brainstorming in real time on a digital wall, shared with each other. Social network users creating real time content and sharing with each other across multiple physical locations, and stored for future access, clusters of users both physical & virtually, like at a multi city concert series for raising money and awareness on the environment or poverty.'

'In the last 50 years, the world gave birth to an astounding number of electronic applications for single users. When sales reps, managing boards, designers, classrooms or any other group got together, they were not able to use these applications, because only ONE person could be in charge. From now on, all participants, either physically attending or on-line, can cooperate live on screen. This saves time, increases mutual understanding and greatly improves on the results of the meeting as our first customers, amongst which IBM and the Ministry of Traffic, are already experiencing,' said CTO Nieuwenhoven.

Flevoland Technofund and REOF Fund are two Dutch investment funds focused on increasing regional economic activities in the province of Flevoland, the Netherlands, both funds partly funded by the<

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