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Deal Alert Service

A subscription to our Deal Alert Service allows you to regularly and effectively monitor Europe's tech-related venture capital deals. It provides details on the investments as well as valuable business information on the companies involved.
  • A time-saving single-source view of all deals

  • Updates on the hottest start-ups with growth plans

  • Relevant business information on each company

With our alert service there is no need to rely on multiple sources and sift through piles of incomplete information. We provide all relevant deals that take place and the business information you need.

The service can be customized according to your requirements. Simply give us your wish list of specific countries, sectors, deal sizes and required data sets and we will package your deals for you. You can also choose the frequency with which you want to receive the alerts: weekly, monthly and even quarterly.

The standard product offers all reported tech deals on a weekly basis. The alert is sent out as an Excel sheet.

The product licenses for the standard (weekly) alert:

Subscribe for 1 year
Subscribe for 6 months
Subscribe for 1 month
-  265
-  132.50
-  22

For more information on the service or for an example Alert, please contact our sales department through or call +31 6 41 46 3344.

If your business relies on private companies, you should subscribe!

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