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Deals in Europe Online Data Service - Help

Welcome to the Tornado Insider Online Data Service!
The Online Data Service has the answers to your venture capital questions. Tornado Insiderís Data Service includes VC investment across Europe and Israel, providing a comprehensive database of high-tech companies receiving funding. The easy-to-navigate service allows you to search and sort by country, region, business activity, sector, funding round and deal size, providing you with contact information for the companies receiving investment.

The information on this page gives you some help on how to use the system. If you require any additional information please let us know by sending an email to

Search tips
  • Multiple values for each field can be included in your search by pressing the 'Ctrl' key when clicking on the values of choice.
  • In the Search Deals page, results can be presented in a "table view" which show all deal info on one line or in a "form view" which shows only the deal date of one deal per page.
  • In "table views" you can sort the search results by clicking on the column header.
  • Click on company and investor names to view their Radar profile. These contain additional business information on the companies.
  • Depending on the number of records you've selected you can navigate through the pages by using the "<< First", "< Previous", "Next>" and
    "Last >>" buttons on the left bottom of the page (table view) or on the right top of the page (form view).
  • Deals tracked may include non-disclosed amounts. These can be confidential figures possessed but not disclosed by Tornado Insider, and amounts that are not disclosed at all. For the latter group, Tornado Insider calculates an average, which is based on the mean investment size within the year, sector and round that an undisclosed deal has taken place. These averages are included in all calculations and resulting amounts within this service, but are not visible in the deal view. Consequently, adding up amounts of deal listings could provide different totals than those calculated by the module.
Export to Excel
When searching deals you can export the selected data to Excel. This can be done by clicking on the link Export data to Excel. The execution of this function depends on the settings in your browser and the type of browser you use. You have to have Microsoft Excel installed in your computer.

The link that is shown open's a file that has been created for this search action. Clicking on this link can open Excel directly or you'll get a message asking you to open or save the file. This file is only the link between Excel and the Online Deals database (it does not contain the actual data).

If you open this file (either directly in your browser or from you computer after you have saved it) it will open excel and show a message explain that Excel is retrieving data. The time it takes to retrieve the data from the database depends on the amount of data that has to be retrieved and the connection you have to the Internet.

When the data is retrieved all data will be shown in your Excel worksheet, which you can save locally.

ODS Functions Home page Click here to go to this page
If you are not yet signed in you can do so on this page. After you've signed in this page shows you your subscription period and offers the possibility to extend your subscription. If you re-subscribe while your current subscription is still active the new period will automatically start after your current period has ended. Furthermore you will see the 15 most recent VC investments on this page.

Search Deals Click here to go to this page
This function provides the possibility to search through the Tornado Insider Deals database. You can search on a single piece of data or on a combination (e.g. you can find all seed-round imaging software deals done by 3i in the UK).

Deal Totals Click here to go to this page
This function allows you to get totals from the database. You can search on a single piece of data or on a combination and you can get the totals by date, by country, by broad industry and by round (e.g. you can get an overview of the total number and amount of first-round Games deals by country).

Top 10 deals Click here to go to this page
This function shows the top 10 (in deal size) deals for the selection you have made (e.g. show the top 10 biopharmaceutical deals in the UK).

Deal Averages Click here to go to this page
This function allows you to get an average deal size for the selection you have made (e.g. what is the average size of computer hardware deals in Finland).

Most Active Investors Click here to go to this page
Find out which investors are on the move, which venture capitalists are specializing in your sector of choice, or which risk takers are supporting young technology companies.

Make your selection and find out what the 50 most active investors are. You can search by number of deals (recommended), or total deal size. Please note, that the funding amount given is not restricted to the investment allocated by the investor, but presents the total size of all deals participated in by the investor.

Tech investments
From our Online Data Service
VC-backed companies
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Recent Deals

Dec 7€6.3MNanotechnology
Dec 7€21.1MInternet commerce
Dec 7€4.8MInternet commerce
Dec 7€1.8MInternet commerce
Dec 6N/AInternet commerce
Dec 6€26.0MBusiness applications
Dec 6€5.6MMedical devices

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