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The T100 Leadership Forum

On January 26th,2005, Tornado Insider and World Financial Symposiums coorganized the T100 Leadership Forum, a gathering of technology CEOs and CFOs eager to gain insights on how to lead their enterprise and their life to more effective and positive outcomes.

During the event, Tornado Insider announced the 2004 Tornado100 Winners. The 2004 Tornado100 list is a critical selection of the 100 best-performing and innovative high-tech private companies of Europe and Israel.

The one-day program provided delegates with:

  • Insights into the dynamics of today's volatile global economy, its implications to them and the successful operation of their company

  • Methods to embrace change and develop a clearer focus for the next stage in their companies' growth and in their career

  • Options to create an action plan consistent with personal values, priorities, strengths and assets

  • Tools to harness the inner power necessary to mobilize their vision and confront challenges

  • The map for integrating public and private life

    To view the 2004 Tornado100 Winners click here
    To download the press release click here

    The technology industry as a whole frequently spearheads the development of innovative design and leading-edge ideas. KPMG is proud to work alongside companies in both the electronics and software sectors, to help them achieve their vision in this fast moving industry. The T100 Leadership Forum is an opportunity to celebrate some of these success stories.

    Crispin O’Brien, UK Head of Technology, KPMG, UK

    Spencer Stuart is pleased to support the Tornado100, an event that helps equip executives with tools to support their decision-making in a challenging and rapidly changing market; essential for effective leadership in today’s evolving economy.

    Sarah Mulhern, Spencer Stuart, UK

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