Data Protection

Tracking Policy:

Tornado Insider employs cookies to gather information about user activity on the site, including the abbreviated IP address of the device being used, which is then sent to the server. This information is anonymized and stored for the purpose of analyzing user behavior. Once anonymized, this data cannot be traced back to the original device or connection. Data produced by cookies is solely shared with our internally operated server and is never passed on to third parties. The processing of this data is conducted in accordance with Article 6 (1 e) of the GDPR, primarily for public relations efforts and the tailored design of information on our website. Users retain the right to object to the processing of their user data for behavior analysis purposes. If you choose not to have your visit data stored and analyzed, you can opt-out at any time by selecting the checkbox below.

Opt-out Cookie:

An opt-out cookie is stored on your device to prevent the collection of your user data when you visit our site. For the cookie to be effective, it must be stored on every device and browser you use to access our site. Should you delete all cookies, including the opt-out cookie, you will need to reinstall it.


Any personal information collected during newsletter subscriptions is solely utilized for processing the subscription. Your details will not be shared with third parties, nor used for consulting, advertising, or market research purposes. Upon cancellation of your subscription, all personal details will be promptly deleted from our database. Following subscription entry, an email containing a confirmation link is sent to you, verifying the authenticity of your email address and subscription request. You maintain the ability to cancel your subscription at any time.


Our website employs cookies, which are text files containing small amounts of information downloaded to your device upon website visitation, enabling site functionality. Without cookies, full website utilization may be limited.

Planned Transfers of Data to Third Countries:

In general, data will not be shared or transferred to third countries.

Data Retention:

Personal data are regularly deleted when no longer necessary for contractual purposes, with no separate authorization from the individuals concerned, or upon expiration of statutory data storage obligations and periods.

User Rights:

You possess the right to object to the processing of your personal data, inquire about its processing, have it corrected if necessary, and request its restriction or erasure.

Complaints and Inquiries:

For any questions or complaints regarding this website, please contact the Tornado Insider data protection officer at [email protected]. You also retain the right to lodge a complaint with the responsible data protection supervisory authority.

Processing of Personal Data in Connection with Social Network Use:

Tornado Insider invites users to visit its company presence on various social networking sites and platforms. These presences aim to interact with users and inform them about projects and services. Personal data collected, used, and stored on these platforms are managed by their respective operators, not Tornado Insider. Access to Tornado Insider’s social media sites is subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of the respective operators.

YouTube: Enhanced Data Protection:

Videos hosted on YouTube are integrated into our webpage. Consent is required before any data is transmitted to YouTube, as per their privacy policy. We utilize YouTube’s enhanced privacy mode, which states that no visitor information is stored until they watch the video. However, the enhanced privacy mode may not prevent information sharing with YouTube partners. To address this, we employ a two-click solution on our webpage, requiring active user agreement before displaying embedded content and initiating any potential data transfer.